Why are Power Controls Important?



A power controller is a device used to monitor and adjust the power used by heaters, lamps, and other industrial loads. A properly working power controller will not only boost the performance of these systems, but they also extend their working life and contribute to worker safety as well.

Why Are Power Controls Necessary?

Accurately controlling the load to a heater, lamp, or similar industrial load provides consistency throughout the process. The result is better reproducibility in processes and extended life of manufacturing systems as well.

For example, in a typical heating application, a temperature sensor will measure the temperature inside the system. These readings are delivered to a temperature controller which will compare to previously entered setpoints. If the readings are below the setpoint, the power controller will deliver more power. If the temperature is above, then power will be reduced.

When power controllers are not functioning properly--or not at all--your systems can become damaged and your workers could be in danger.

Power Control Methods

Several methods are used to control power to industrial systems as some applications require more precise control than others. These are three of the most common types:

  • Mechanical Relays. Often less expensive upfront, a mechanical relay provides a slower cycle time so control will not be as precise.
  • Mercury Displacement. With shorter cycles than a mechanical relay, mercury displacement relays can be more accurate. However, they can burst when overheated due to fast cycling or overpowering.
  • Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR).  This type provides optimal control that cannot be achieved with other device types with less maintenance as well. The cost, however, can be higher.

We repair all types of power controls for a variety of applications.

Power Controls Reduce Downtime

In addition to better product control, SCR power controllers increase the safety of your work environment while keeping downtime to a minimum. Because they are safe to the touch, workers are not at risk of injury.

Power controllers also use Downtime Warnings so you have advanced notice when maintenance will be required. That way, your systems can be shut down properly, and not during peak production. SCR power controllers may also help with complicated inspections and reduce insurance rates due to better reliability.

If your power controllers aren’t working properly, you could be susceptible to extended periods of downtime.

Better Control

With better control of your power loads, better yields and higher reproducibility rates for optimal results. More control also reduces overall power usage while extending the life of your processes--all which points to a better bottom line for you and your workers. We repair every type of power controller so you can keep working safely and efficiently.

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