Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms

New Customers: New customers can pay with credit card (Master Card, Visa, American Express, or Discover), or prepay by check.

Existing Customers: Customers in good standing can apply for open account terms.  Failure to remit payment within 30 days may lead to revocation of your terms or other considerations with Control System Labs.  



See our warranty page.


Rush Service

A minimum of $150 is added for Rush Service. For items over $600, Rush Service is 25% of the repair price.  Typical turnaround time for a Rush order is 3-5 business days from the time the quote is approved (dependent on  shop volume and parts availability). Your order is placed first in the repair queue, ahead of all non-rush orders, and will receive priority processing from our Purchasing department. 

Rush fees do not include expedited return  shipping or purchasing parts with next day or second day delivery.  Those delivery choices are an additional expense to the customer if desired; if a customer requires expedited return shipping, it must be noted at the time of approval and the cost is the responsibility of the customer. 


Shipping and Handling

Shipping charges will be added to the invoice at time of shipment.  Your preferred shipping account and method can be provided at time of approval; our default return shipping method is UPS Ground, unless otherwise stated.  A $5 handling charge will be applied to all shipments.


Sending a Unit to Be Repaired by Control System Labs

In order for Control System Labs to identify the unit, customers must include an RMA with a unit that needs repair. To submit an RMA, refer to the following page:  https://www.controlrepair.com/rma

In situations when an RMA is not possible, customers must include the following information in the box:

  • Full Name

  • Company Name

  • Contact Information

  • Description of the problem


Customer Abandoned Product

When a customer does not provide disposition or payment for items after a designated time period, those items are considered abandoned at Control System Labs and Control System Labs shall take ownership and dispose of the item(s) accordingly.

Categories of items that could be abandoned include unapproved or unrepairable items or items waiting for payment. Control System Labs has a documented Customer Abandoned policy defining the abandoned time periods for each category. A copy of this document will be provided upon written request.

As per the policy, multiple attempts are made by Control System Labs to the customer to disposition the customer’s product appropriately.

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