Square-D Life-gard

Square-D Life-Gard Fan Control Repair

Square-D Life-Gard fan control systems were released in the early 1990s by the Square D Company and have been long considered the industry standard. The Model 80, 85 and 85A systems were dependable fan controllers that regulate temperature, keeping industrial electrical systems operating smoothly.

These fan control systems are critical components that protect your transformer and increases reserve capacity. System failure can result in a power outage, causing unexpected downtime that can impact your bottom line.

As new technology emerged, these systems became obsolete. The original manufacturer no longer repairs or replaces the Square-D Life-Gard systems. Fortunately, these systems are by no means at the end of their lifespan and are fully capable of continuing to work effectively for years to come.

Differences between the 85 and 85A

Although the 85 and the 85A perform the same function, they are not interchangeable. The interface is electrically different between the two units. The rear of the 85A has a metal stud to prevent the unit from being inserted into an 85 slot. Because of these unique differences, it is important that an experienced technician service your equipment. Our technicians have worked on both models and can service your Square-D Life-Gard model properly.
Reconfigure Your Life-Gard to a Different Temperature Range

Each of the devices are available in 3 configurations based on the Rated Average Transformer Temperature rise: 90, 115 and 150 degrees C. (reference ANSI Standard C57.12.51) We can reconfigure your existing monitor to a different temperature rating, if requested.
Why Repair Your Square-D Life-Gard Fan Control?
  • More cost-effective than replacement
  • Dependable system
  • Critical electrical component

Control System Labs offers preventative maintenance for your Life-Gard to ensure your systems are functioning as they should. Choosing to invest in the preventative maintenance of your Square-D Life-Gard System and repairing it as needed can save you a third of the cost of a brand-new replacement system.

Our experienced technicians have worked in the industry for over 40 years and are highly skilled in repairing and rebuilding industrial control systems. The typical repair turnaround time is approximately 10 business days, but rush service is also available.

Does your Square-D Life-Gard system need to be serviced? Contact us today.

Keying stud located on the back of the 85A
Keying stud located on the back of the 85A.

Lifegard 85

Lifegard 85A
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