Our technicians have extensive experience working with Allen Bradley PanelView and PanelView Plus HMIs. We can quickly diagnose and repair and test your PanelView- Check out each series page for more information on the specific units.

We provide free evaluation when your PanelView arrives. Some common problems with PanelViews that are routinely repaired are:

  • Cracked PanelView screens
  • Bad membrane keypad
  • Touchscreen re-calibration
  • Broken touchscreens, keypads, or worn buttons
    Dim or dead back-lights
  • Display problems (blank, solid lines or dead pixels)
  • Broken housing or bezel
  • Dead power supply
  • Communication problems
  • Self-test failures

Indicate on your RMA if the equipment has any of these self-test failures:

  • Static RAM test
  • Terminal searching for a file to download
  • Erase boot flash area
  • Copy boot code
  • lBoot code copy failed. Check for error after boot code is copied to the onboard flash EPROM
  • Erase firmware from flash EPROM
  • Copy firmware to firmware flash memory
  • Firmware copy failed
  • Performed CRC base firmware check
  • Firmware not compatible with boot code
  • Firmware not compatible with hardware
  • Watchdog tests
  • Real time clock test
  • LCD RAM failed
  • Performed CRC extended firmware check
  • No executable code to run after boot
  • Wrong memory card format
  • CPU could not execute code

Some of the repair tasks which are performed by our technicians include:

  • Replace back-light
  • Replace capacitors
  • Repair cold solder joints
  • Battery replacement
  • Replace defective components
  • And many other board repairs

Fast turnaround and free evaluation are available for All PanelViews.  The repaired PanelView will be fully operational at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a brand-new replacement or the risk of buying an untested unit from eBay or other source .

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