Bosch 0811404616 Proportional Valve

Bosch 0811404616 Proportional Valve - 1
Bosch 0811404616 Proportional Valve - 2
Bosch 0811404616 Proportional Valve - 3
Bosch 0811404616 Proportional Valve - 4
Repair Price: No CSL repair

CSL Part Number: 42481
Category: Valves
Manufacturer: Bosch
Manufacturer Synonyms:
Robert Bosch
Manufacturer Part Number: 0811404616
Description: Proportional Valve

We do not repair the mechanical Valves.
Valves may be subject to an evaluation fee.

Synonymous Model Numbers / Aliases: 811404616, O8114O4616, 08ll4046l6, 08II4046I6, 0811A0A616, 0811404G1G, 0B11404616

Also Known As (AKA): 0 811 404 616

Your Item is no longer repairable

Unfortunately, Control System Labs cannot repair the Bosch part number 0811404616 Proportional Valve. Here are some possible reasons:
  • the parts may no longer be available
  • the item may be encased in plastic epoxy
  • we do not have the necessary equipment to do the repair.
Please contact the manufacturer of this part number to see if a new part number or compatible replacement is available.
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