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Used in a broad range of applications to accurately measure RPM, frequency, scaled input, linear surface speed or single event capture, Monarch Instrument panel tachometers are a dependable option in a variety of industries. Its versatile design offers custom programming, works for both OEM or retrofit specifications, and mounts directly to the machine or a place within a control room.

Ruggedly built for long-lasting, reliable performance, the Monarch Instrument brand panel tachometers are offered in a wide variety of different models that can easily be serviced instead of replaced. If your programmable digital tachometer needs programming, service, or repair, you can count on the skilled technicians at Control System Labs to handle it with speed and precision, saving you time and money.

Control System Labs has offered industrial electronics service repair in our facility since 1971, and we are known for our quick turnarounds that minimize downtime. With a one-year warranty on repairs, we’re also confident in our work.

If you need your panel tachometers repaired, one of our skilled technicians can get you back in operation quickly. Rush service is available.

Need to repair your Monarch Instrument Tachometer?

Step 1 - Click the “Add to RMA” green button to select the part to be repaired.
Step 2Complete the RMA form. Check the box if Rush Service is desired.
Step 3 - Print the completed RMA form and put it in a box with the parts for repair.
Step 4 - Mail us the box, including the parts for repair, for a free repair evaluation to the address below.

Monarch ACT-3X Panel Tachometers Front   Monarch ACT-3X Panel Tachometers Back

Category: Control
Manufacturer: Monarch Instrument
Model: ACT-3X Panel Tachometer
Size: 1/8 DIN Horizontal Panel Control
Input Power: Varies by model (100-240 Vac 50/60Hz, Isolated 12Vdc +/-20%, Isolated 24Vdc +/-20%)
Sensor Power: Varies by model (12Vdc, 12Vdc, 5Vdc, 24Vdc)
Analog Output: Varies by model (None, 0 to 5Vdc Non-isolated, 4 to 20mA Non-isolated, 0 to 5Vdc Isolated, 4 to 20mA Isolated)
Communications: Varies by model (Serial 3.5mm phone plug, Ethernet with RJ5 Connector, RS-232 9 Pin)
Alarm Outputs: Varies by model (None, 2 Form C Relays Rated 1amp at 230Vac)
Supports: Varies by model (None, Bentley Nevada or Eddy style Probes(-6V to -14 Vdc))

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