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Also Known As (AKA): IPEG, Franklin

Control System Labs provides repair services for your Conair controls. Testing by our technical staff and a 2-year warranty backs up our Conair repairs. We repair many Conair products including: Compu-dry, CONOMIX, Economix, Gravitron, Infitec tube loaders, GB series blender, microTrac 1 2 3, MLC loader, Mold Scan Heater, Mx150, Mx250, Mx450, M550 Pendants, TrueBlend Thermolater and Selectronic.

Conair is leader in the plastic injection molding industry. We can repair many of the older controllers. If your equipment has a failed display, power-up problem, Loader control problem or Blender problem let our experts help you diagnose your problem and repair your equipment.
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