Lenze EVS9 Drives

Whether you suspect a problem or notice a fault with your Lenze EVS9 Drives, Control System Labs is equipped to troubleshoot and repair your control drive.

The Lenze EVS9 Drive product line is a solid choice combining both reliability and performance. This series of industrial control drives offer flexible programming, making it conducive to working well in a variety of applications. Despite this benefit, the flexible programming makes it harder to update your drive with a replacement or a substitute because of the reprogramming required by a new drive. Often, the quickest path to recovery is simply to have your drive repaired.

While this is a dependable product, problems may arise that require repair. Typically, a problem will be indicated by the detachable operating module on the drive.

Many common problems are indicated by the operating module. Please record the fault list and send them in with your drive. Typical faults include:

  • Voltage issue (over-voltage or under-voltage)
  • Inhibited controller
  • System error messages, such as short circuit or overheating

It is important that only skilled professionals repair Lenze EVS9 Drives to avoid severe damage to the industrial electronic controls or injury to person. The technicians at Control System Labs are trained and experienced with the
assembly and components of these drives.

To have your Lenze EVS9 Drive repaired, please submit the drive for repair or select the specific drive below. We are committed to getting your equipment up and running with minimal downtime. Rush service is available. Contact Control System Labs today to get your Lenze EVS9 Drive repaired!

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