Avoid Additional Damage Proper Packing for Controls



It’s important to pack your electronic controls carefully for shipping. That way, they don’t suffer from more damage along the way. Here’s a few tips:

1. Use a rigid box. Soft-sided envelopes are not sturdy enough to prevent damage--especially from bending or crushing. A box that is about six inches larger than the piece in all directions is ideal.

2. Plenty of Packing. Use anti-static bags (when available), bubble wrap, foam pieces, or tightly wadded brown paper to pack the control as tightly as possible and prevent movement. Once you’ve packed the box, give it a little shake to make it all stays put. Don’t use loose-fill packaging like packing peanuts as they don’t protect your devices from movement and impact well enough.

3. Don’t Forget Documents! Always make sure to include your RMA so we know where the part is from and what it needs. If you have any user manuals or other documentation from the manufacturer for your parts, include those as well.

If you follow these tips, your items will arrive safely so we can get to work and get them back to you as quickly as possible.


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